Relationship Building Tips For a Successful Home Business

I receive many e-mails around the world as to why and how I began my successful home based business, and irrespective of your home based business niche, there are certain components that are absolutely critical that will mean the difference between your success or failure.
It doesn’t matter whether your home based business is online selling porcelain dolls from China for India, affiliate marketing, or you are trying to grow and expand your local real estate business, your visitor or customer must come first.

A Successful Home Business Puts the Visitor and Customer First before Profit

Do you realize the failure rate for any new small business is 97%? These are pretty dismal statistics wouldn’t you agree? And there are many reasons for such a high failure rate, from not giving your new business ample time to grow and mature, not having goals, to not having the self discipline, and the self motivation to do the things that a any new business requires.

But another reason for failure, is putting your dollar signs and profits before your customer. You see, any successful business regardless of the business niche VALUES the customer FIRST before PROFITS. You need to invest in relationship building before you even start thinking of the sale. However many new business owners fail to realize this critical point in making relationship building a central part of their of their business plan. I critique and assess many new websites, and the vast majority of these websites are primarily focused on making the sale at the expense of the customer.

This is wrong on several fronts, first the visitor or customer resents being pitched to and sold to. Visitors and your potential customers do not want to be sold to, they want to be provided factual and reliable information about a product and or service that provides true value. People want to be empowered to make an informed emotional decision that addresses their need or concern-period. They don’t need you to make a sales pitch-and if they feel you are, they will click right out of your website or they’ll leave your traditional brick and mortar store front.

Another mistake is not understanding your visitors or customers needs? Especially in an online business, your communication need to intelligently and accurately convey to your visitor what they are seeking and it must be easily understood. You only have a few seconds to capture your customers attention on your website or they’ll click right out of your website.

Lastly you need to be honest about your product and or service offering. People are smart enough to know when you are lying and not being truthful. Not only is this morally and ethically wrong in making outrageous claims, but you will lose respect, which says a lot about your character I might add.
If you are deficient in any of these areas, make the attempt now to rectify what you need to do now.

Remember, the biggest room in the entire room is the room of self improvement the future of your business is riding on it.

Is the Data Network Affiliates Business Ready For Prime Time?

The internet’s bursting with offers to make millionaires out of everyone for almost no hard work. It’s important to analyze and find out if these are legitimate before you take a step to take up these offers. DNA, as Data Network Affiliates is called is the latest to join the MLM brigade; this work from home opportunity claims to offer big money for something as simple as tagging cars. Here’s a review to appraise the authenticity of the business and its profitability as an MLM opportunity.

The Background

George Madiou, Arthur Kurek and Donald Kessler founded DNA in Feb, 2010. This is basically a business that deals in data collection. There’s a lot of statistics in the DNA website that’ll tell you how much the data collection industry’s worth and how it’ll help other businesses and social agencies. Accordingly, members who join the network will be paid to enter data in the main database. As of now, the business deals in tracking license plates of cars and trucks.

What’s The Point?

How does anyone benefit from a database that provides a list of car and truck license numbers? The DNA website claims that this helps to locate missing children, help with amber alerts and aid repossession agencies with the exact location of the vehicles that have been blacklisted. Out of these, the only reason I can accept is the repossession agencies. It would be a great help to them if they could get details of the location of a car they want to get back from a database.

Earning Money

Affiliates can make money by entering data in the main database and by getting others to join the business. You get $2 a month for keying in license plate details. Yes! Just $2, whether you enter details of 20 plates or 100 plates. However, you also have to remember the fact that you get $2 a month for each affiliate recruited by you who keys in license plate details. This payment runs ten levels deep; so do the math. There’s a minimum requirement of 20 tags a month.

While it’s tempting to fall for the power of numbers, we also have to consider the factors that affect business adversely. Here are the cons of this business-


Narc That Car

This is an MLM business that works along the same lines as Data Network affiliates. While DNA is free to join, Narc That Car charges $100 plus an additional monthly fee of $24.99. However, you can earn back the investment in narc that car by just sponsoring two people who key in the required number of license plate details.

Other MLM companies

There are several similar network marketing programs that don’t require stocking up on inventory and offering demonstrations. Businesses such as Global Verge, and ACN are competitors to DNA cellular plan.

Other negatives

With a commission of just $2 per month for your work and the work of your downline, the only way to make money in this business is to keep expanding your MLM downline as much as possible. Not many people would be interested if you tell them they get to earn $2 to enter car details in a database.

The DNA of success

Even if you speak to everyone you know about this opportunity, you’ll notice that you still have a weak downline when compared to many successful reps in the business. The secret of success in a multi-level marketing set up is not the number of contacts you have; but the contacts you create and establish. To achieve this, all you need is to know how to generate MLM leads.

An MLM lead will bring you in touch with people from your target market group and add value to your business. Learning internet lead generation is the way to go if you want to build a sustainable business online for DNA.

Choosing an All-In-One E-commerce Business Platform

Choosing the correct all-in-one e-commerce business platform is vital in order for you to be competitive in today’s marketplace. The right platform will increase your efficiency, thereby freeing time for you to devote to more lucrative actions such as creating new products, developing better marketing strategies, etc.

By choosing an all-in-one e-commerce business platform, all of the tools, functionalities and processes needed in order for you to sustain a successful internet business will be located in one place.

There are a many “solutions” on the market today that will track your sales, customers, and/or affiliates, sell your product, mange your affiliates, etc. The list is endless. Each of these “solutions” creates a new island of data that is nearly impossible to co-ordinate with one another, making it difficult to access and understand what is happening with your internet business.

Trying to coordinate multiple “solutions” in order to achieve a single result is really not a practical or efficient way to run an internet business. Because you have many “solutions”, it is more than likely you will have multiple problems easily managing your business.

Plus, each e-business solution will require a separate payment. This is not a cost effective way to run your business. And since you will need many different solutions, the fees just continue to add up. By choosing an all-in-one e-commerce business platform, the costs of running your internet business will be reduced. Plus you will not need to try to co-ordinate disjointed and incompatible systems together in order to achieve a single result.

The business platform you select should contain several tools, all conveniently accessed through just one log in. You do not want to waste your valuable time and effort logging into several different applications in order to run your e-business. The right platform will allow you to sell unlimited products and/or services and at the same time, track your sales, customers and affiliates.

By choosing a business platform that offers everything you need all in one application, the return on your investment will be quicker, your costs lower, and your efficiency greater. You’ll also gain better understanding of your internet business if you can find a record of your sales, customers, and affiliates in one place.

The all-in-one e-commerce business platform you choose should combine every feature, function and data point required to manage a successful internet business into a single product. Plus. this will allow you to gain more insight into what works and what doesn’t work for your particular business.